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Hi Maria - no, it does not include a facial roller. Sorry for the confusion! Hopefully we can sell one in the future :)
Lovely face mask
Perfect skin every time!
Try it!
Review product instructions
Strange texture
Hi Genevieve, Sorry you're not enjoying our mask's texture! Try breaking up any clumps before adding your liquid and then mixing well with a spoon. We only use natural ingredients, so that can mean less uniformity — but rest assured, the ingredients are still working their magic :)
Love ❤️ ❤️❤️
Consistently using!
Stay Gold & Yellow <3
Great mask!
Best feeling!
Favourite Face Mask!
Aww, thanks so much for your review Brittany! Love that you've found something that works so well with your sensitive skin :)
Yellow beauty!
Yay! We formulate our products with that in mind exactly - so you can get alllll the benefits of turmeric, without the leftover stain :) So happy you're loving it!
Hi Jasmine! So glad to hear your rosacea is responding to turmeric skincare - makes us sooooo happy :)
Love it
Hi Julie-Ann - thrilled you're loving them! Excited to hear more about your results as you continue your skincare journey with us :)
Thank you so much Avril! So happy you're loving our products :)
Red Erase
Hi Kriti - sooo glad you've found something that works with your sensitive skin! We reformulated our scrub a few months ago with that exactly in mind - so happy it's doing the trick :)
Great product!
So glad to hear that Lauren! :)