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  • Where does Yellow Beauty ship?

    We currently ship to the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

    Please allow for 1-4 business days for us to fulfill your order. Your tracking number will update as soon as your order is sent out.

  • Do you offer free shipping?

    We offer free shipping throughout the United States and Canada when you order over $50 USD.

  • Domestic orders

    If you live in North America, shipping is just $4.50. We offer free shipping on orders over $50. Your order should arrive between 4-6 business days after it's shipped out.

  • International orders

    International parcel delivery can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on where you live. Our price DOES NOT include duty and tax fees. Duty, VAT and customs tariffs are set by the destination country. This amount, if any, varies by country. Yellow Beauty does not have control over these charges nor do we collect this money!

    UK Buyers specifically: Anything imported into the UK worth more than £15 from a non-EU country is subject to VAT at 20% of the item value, plus an additional £8 handling fee. You will likely be required to pay this upon receipt of your package. This hefty tax is imposed by your government. Please take this into consideration before ordering.

  • Why isn't my tracking updating?

    Don't panic! Sometimes carriers take a couple business days to update tracking information. If you think your tracking number is having real problems, reach out to us at and we'll dig deeper for you!

  • Why can't I find my package if my tracking says it's delivered?

    Sometimes carriers can mark packages as delivered in advance—weird, we know! Keep an eye out for a day or two more and if you don't receive your order, please reach out to us at and we can help you out.

    If you live outside the US, your package may be held up at customs due to an outstanding tariff charge. You should receive a phone call or slip in the mail informing you of these fees. It is your responsibility to pick up your package.

    Yellow Beauty is not responsible for lost or stolen packages if confirmed delivery. The customer accepts full responsibly for any loss or damage to these items, or if your package gets redirected to us marked as unclaimed. 

  • Wait—doesn't turmeric stain?

    You’ve probably heard that turmeric stains. And yes—if you covered your face solely with turmeric from your pantry, it would! That’s why we’ve formulated Yellow Beauty products with just the right amount of turmeric—enough to treat your skin to all its amazing benefits, but not enough that you'll be forced to head out into the world looking all yellow-ish. We use amazing organic turmeric, meaning it doesn't contain any added dyes.

    Our other ingredients work together to counteract turmeric’s natural staining properties, giving you a no-hassle rinse. If you do have any yellow leftover post-rinse, simply follow up with a toner or gentle cleanser and it'll slide right off. Although Yellow Beauty products will never permanently stain your skin, some may leave colour on your towels and clothes. Just use common sense here. Remember to rinse thoroughly before drying and always use a dark towel just in case.

  • Why are Red Erase and Glow Dust sold as a powder?

    There are a few reasons why we sell our products as a powder:

    #1 There's no need for preservatives or harmful chemicals (always a win).

    #2 There's a muuuuuch longer shelf life. You can keep using these products for up to two years without worrying about ingredients going bad or losing their amazing benefits.

    #3 You can activate Red Erase and/or Glow Dust with your liquid of choice to target desired benefits. Instead of water, try using yogurt, milk, honey, rosewater, green tea, or diluted apple cider vinegar.

  • How do you choose ingredients?

    Yellow Beauty products are all natural, plant-based, and certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny. We don't use any chemicals in our products. Our vitamin E acts a powerful natural preservative. Pretty cool, right?

  • How does Yellow Beauty give back?

    We are partnered with Plan International Canada to support girls in Hatibandha, Bangladesh. We donate 10% of all profits to this project in an effort to help end child marriage. Check out our Ending Child Marriage page for more details.

  • How can I retail Yellow Beauty products in my store?

    We'd love to work with you! Please email us at for pricing.