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New Year's Resolutions For Your Skin: 16 Tips To Use In 2016

by Jamil Bhuya |

Wow, another year has gone by! How are you going to crush your goals this new year? A majority of new year’s resolutions focus on lifestyle commitments such as going to the gym, eating better, seeing more family, and living an overall better and healthier life. Another great goal to focus on is keeping your skin happy and healthy during 2016.

Here are 16 simple hacks to help your skin feel great this year:

Avoid touching your face too often

Your fingers secrete sebum - a natural oil - that can clog your pores and create breakouts. Your fingers also come into contact with lots of bacteria and dirt which doesn’t help your skin either.

Avoid skin dehydration

Avoid dehydrating your skin with cosmetics products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate. These products may make your skin dry which triggers a natural reaction to produce more oil - thus clogging your pores.

Keep your bed and pillows clean

Who rolls when they sleep? Most of us! If your pillows and sheets are dirty, your face can come into contact with dirt, bacteria, grease, and oil - bad news for your beauty sleep!

Go handsfree

What is something we commonly press against our face? You guessed it - our cellphones. In reality, our phones rest against tons of surfaces and are even held by other people's hands. EW! Using your headphones dramatically decreases the risk of breakouts.

Stop clenching

Your mouth and face get very tense when you tense your facial muscles. Allow your jaw to relax by keeping your mouth partially open. Eliminating this tension will reduce your wrinkles as you age.

Smile more

Smiling actually helps release the tension in your cheeks, underneath your eyes and around your lips. I guess this calls for more selfies :)

Eat more vitamin B rich foods

Vitamin B helps boost your blood circulation and makes your skin glow. Fish, liver, bran cereals, and cheese are all high in vitamin B. Get your appetite ready!

Intake more vitamin A this year

Vitamin A helps even out your skin tone and rejuvenates your skin. Eat more sweet potatoes, dark leafy vegetables, winter squashes and bell peppers.

Don't forget about vitamin E

Vitamin A and B aren’t the only vitamins you should be consuming. Don’t forget about vitamin E! Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that wards off free radicals and balances out your skin’s moisture.

Get your vitamin C

We’re not done! Vitamin C helps prevent sagging and wrinkles, so load on up! Make sure to have more berries and citrus fruits this year.

Have some Omega-3

Your 2016 diet doesn’t end with vitamin C. Omega-3 fats help prevent sun damage and inflammation. Omega-3 fats also help with water and nutrient absorption which stops toxins from getting inside your skin and actually strengthens your skin’s membrane.

Consume more selenium

Found in many nuts, selenium is great for your skin. Selenium helps increase your skin’s elasticity, which results in younger and more radiant skin. If you haven’t figured it out already, what you eat has a lot to do with your skin’s health!

Practice your breathing this year

Simply breathing in and out in counts of three allows your body to relax, increases your air intake, and de-stresses your mind. Try some breathing exercises before bed and first thing in the morning to help revitalize your skin and stimulate your day-to-day mentality.

Sleep early

Sleeping at the same time every day and getting your 8 hours is extremely important for your skin. Sleep helps with skin hydration and deep sleep produces the most growth hormones which helps with skin repair.

Exercise regularly

Exercising promotes blood circulation - this creates more oxygen that delivers nutrients to your skin and helps it repair itself.

Cut-out dairy wherever possible

Cow’s milk has growth hormones that help calves grow big and strong; however, those same hormones will cause you to breakout. These hormones can cause inflammation which leads to redness, swelling, and acne.




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