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5 Must-Dos For Winter Skin Survival

by Jamil Bhuya |

Every year we experience something that changes our lives, our habits, and our routines: Winter. Is. Coming. For many, it means hibernating - for others, it means outdoor activities such as skating, skiing, snowboarding, and other forms of exercise. However, for most, we spend most of our time as couch potatoes not wanting to leave the confines of our warm and cozy living spaces to venture out into the dark and cold night. But hey - we’re not the only ones who feel the effects of winter. Do you even know what your skin goes through?


Get enough vitamin D

During winter, the sun is only out and shining for about half the time compared to summer months. Many of us leave to go to work in darkness and leave only to be greeted with the same lack of light. When exposed to UVB (ultraviolet B) rays, our skin produces vitamin D - but due to the lack of strong sunshine in winter months, we need to look elsewhere! Make sure you consume enough vitamin D by eating enough fish and/or dairy products. Vitamin D supplements are also a good idea if you’re not getting enough vitamin D from your food.


Moisturize more

Another detriment to your skin is low humidity and harsh winds. The weather outside is very adept at making your skin a living nightmare. The cold climate strips a lot of moisture from your skin and can cause conditions such as eczema to act out. Be sure to keep moisturizing your skin and stay hydrated. Try to use a humidifier at home and to avoid unnecessarily lengthy hot showers.


Increase circulation

It’s hard to stay completely toasty at home without dramatically increasing your heating and gas bills. However, it’s incredibly important to remember that our circulation naturally drops in the cold, which means our skin isn’t getting all the nutrients it needs to completely hydrate and repair itself. That’s why it’s very important to stay both warm and active during the winter.


Exercise regularly

This one goes hand and hand with the last tip. Everyone knows that exercise is good for your overall health, but most people don’t know about its effects on their skin. Exercising actually increases your circulation - this means that this increased oxygen and nutrient intake to your dermal layer allows for vital functions needed to keep your skin protected and moisturized during harsh winters.


Eat rich foods

When winter gets your mood down, one of the first things many people do to get their dopamine levels up is reach for a favourite snack or meal. Eating is a proven way to make us happier - but remember, this feeling is only temporary. Over-snacking can have adverse long term effects and can take a toll on your digestive system. Eating the wrong things equals a breakout disaster waiting to happen. Remember to consume raw and natural foods that are high in vitamins D, C, and E in order to keep your skin nourished. Try some blue corn chips and making your own guacamole instead of buying store bought dips that are preservative laden. Also, avoid pigging out before bed since your body’s metabolism is usually slower at night.

Remember these tips to your keeping your skin hydrated this winter!




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