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Meet YLLO Beauty: Helping Girls Be Girls

by Jaz Fenton |

We’ve rebranded and are now helping a social cause we’re incredibly proud of: ending child marriage.



We had to rebrand due to some pesky trademark issues. Being a young startup business, the news was startling, shocking, and quite disheartening! We will no longer be using the GLO logo or name on any of our products or on any of our affiliated pages. But after lots of thought, we’ve found our new name: YLLO. And we're now really happy about it. We’re super duper excited to share our new brand, new voice, and new attitude with you!

Ever since launching our online store in December, we’ve been on an incredible journey. We want to thank our loyal customers and fans! We’ve had so much awesome feedback and so much love from everyone with all their Instagram photos. We’ve been incredibly lucky with the reception we’ve had up until this point. 


Heal naturally, don’t conceal chemically

Many makeup products that cover-up your skin contain chemicals that cause redness and itchiness over time - and some can even be toxic. You’re essentially covering up skin damage with more toxins that can damage your skin in the long-run - repeating a vicious cycle that will leave you frustrated.

The FDA doesn’t regulate cosmetic safety tests prior to the market and the onus lies on the manufacturers. This can be pretty scary given all the types of chemicals that are used, like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and other carcinogenic materials. We’re not trying to scare you - we’re just trying to empower you with the knowledge that you should be healing your face, not concealing it! 


A little yellow goes a long way - ending child marriage

When researching turmeric’s amazing skin benefits, we came across an issue that resonated deeply with us. We knew that turmeric has been used in South Asian bridal ceremonies for centuries, but many of these brides are actually children.

This is an issue that hits very close to home. Our co-founder's own grandmother was married off at just 9 years old. His mother’s marriage was arranged when she was 16, causing an abrupt halt to her promising track and field career.

Child marriages are still extremely common in third world countries due to poverty, culture, lack of education, and lax laws. It’s extremely sad and frightening that 1 of 3 girls that grow up in developing countries are married before the age of 18. These young girls tend to repeat a cycle of poverty because they are forced to leave school, are mistreated, don’t develop job skills, and have many mental and physical health problems that stem from giving birth too young. They are dependent on their husbands who abuse them and strip them of fundamental access to healthcare and education.

We’re now donating 10% of each purchase towards projects that support. 


Thank you! You’re all the best.

We’ve had so many strong, beautiful women sending us photos of their journey fighting facial skin problems. We want to take this time to thank them (yes, YOU!). YLLO is all about empowering women to feel beautiful about themselves, radiate their inner confidence and conquer the world! It’s important to us heal facial skin problems since it’s one of the biggest contributing factors to lack of confidence.

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