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Avoiding Holiday Breakouts: 6 Ways To Save Your Skin

by Jamil Bhuya |

Turkey, stuffing, alcohol, cranberry sauce, chocolate… but let’s not list all the delicacies we’re going to bombard ourselves with over the next couple of weeks. Besides, we can’t call it the holidays without a little bit of indulgence. It’s the season to be spreading cheer, sharing the joy, and thinking of others. But how about your skin?

Let’s face it - the holidays can be a nightmare for your skin. Here are 6 easy tips that will help you limit your breakouts so you can celebrate the holidays in style. 


Lay off the eggnog and go for some water

It’s such an easy thing to do yet we forget it most during the holidays. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is a must for your largest organ in your body - your skin! Usually when we’re dehydrated, the water we initially drink goes straight to work on your internal organs, leaving your skin high and dry. Make sure to drink plenty of water so that your skin gets nourished too! 


Skip the cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauce is loaded with artificial sugars that cause your insulin blood levels to spike. When that spikes, watch out - your skin is usually the unhappy recipient of the after effects. This spike in insulin results in inflammation throughout the body that can contribute to wrinkles due to the enzymes produced that break down collagen.


If you’re going to drink, go for a flute of bubbly or a stem of red wine

Bubbly is a great choice - it makes you feel classy. Nothing says the holidays like that iconic POP! Champagne is made from grapes, like it’s red wine counterpart, which is high in reservatol. Champagne contains similar polyphenols as wine, so not only is it good for your tummy (in light doses - any alcohol is bad for your waist in excess), but it’s pretty good for your skin too.


Get more Vitamin D

We’ve all heard about how the sun is great for your skin - but guess what happens to the sun during the holidays? You guessed it - it’s usually already gone by the time you’ve left the office, meaning you’re missing out on that natural vitamin D. To ensure you still get a good amount, have some salmon this holiday season. Fish is jammed packed with vitamin D, so load on up!


Don’t screw up your sleep cycle

When the holidays start, you may find yourself staying up a little later, going out a little more often or even having a couple extra treats before bed. All these things lead to less sleep, which is your skin’s enemy! We’ve all heard how important “beauty sleep” is for our bodies - and it’s especially important for our skin. When we don’t sleep enough, our bodies send inflammatory responses due to the increase of stress hormones. That inflammation is one of the leading causes of skin breakouts, acne, psoriasis, irritation and oily skin.


Stress is the evil of all evils

This last tip might be obvious and anticlimactic, but it’s SUPER important. The truth is, many people get incredibly stressed out during the holidays instead of relaxing and enjoying their time off - whether it’s travel, the weather, buying gifts, hosting family or just trying to nail dinner down properly. It’s important to practice exercises such as yoga and meditation, or doing simple exercises that keeps your mind active and your body relaxed. Stress actually triggers inflammation, which has many harmful effects - not only for your skin, but for your overall health. 


Remember, the holidays should really be about relaxing, spending time with your loved ones, and treating yourself right. If you follow these simple tips, not only will you avoid a holiday breakout, but you’ll also have a stress-free and happy holiday! 




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