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Avoid That Black Friday Rush: Early Christmas Gift Ideas For That Favorite Gal In Your Life

by Jaz Fenton |

Woah. We’re less than two months away from you-know-what. Wasn't it just Halloween? Sorry to burst your bubble, but Christmas is coming. Your bank account may already be screaming. Luckily, Black Friday is almost hereand it just might give you a little financial relief. However, if going bareknuckle boxing at your local big box store just isn’t your thing (we're with you there), then why not stay at home, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and get your shopping done early straight from your couch. To get you started, here are some trending gift ideas for that special gal on your list—whatever her thing may be.


Away x Gray Malin Suitcase

The Wanderluster: Away x Gray Malin Carry-On

Okay, so this gift is a bit priceybut travelling is pricier, right? Shhh. That’s the type of logic that makes splurging so much fun! Have a wanderluster in your life? She won't be able to stop talking about this perfect gift on her next tropical getaway.


Unicorn Floatie

The Bubbly Babe: Unicorn-Anything

What’s the hottest animal on most people’s list this year? You guessed it. Unicorns are sure to make a statement in any setting. For that bright and bubbly babe in your life, unicorn-themed accessories are sure to give her even more reason to shine.


Winter Terrarium

The Green Gal: Winter Terrarium

Terrariums the perfect household accessory—and how cute are they? It's almost like there's a whole unique world inside. You've probably seen a ton of terrariums, so why not change it up a bit? Try looking for winter-themed terrariums instead. What makes this gift even more awesome is you can totally spend a Friday night in and get your DIY on. You'll save bundles while creating a personal and heartfelt gift.


Feminist Portraits

The Girl Boss: Feminist Portraits

Got a girl boss in your life? These badass feminist portraits will inspire her to keep dreaming big. These minimalist pieces would look great in any room and have a super friendly price tag. You go girl!

Frugal Vegan Cookbook

The Vegan Pal: Trending Cookbook

At the newest and hippest restaurants, most vegan alternatives come with a hefty price tag. Even grocery stores jack up the prices on plant-based items, making it pretty tough being a vegan on a budget. Luckily, Katie Koteen and Kate Kasbee's Frugal Vegan Affordable Delicious Cooking will help that vegan in your life feel great without draining her savings.


YLLO Skincare Kit

The Beauty Enthusiast: Turmeric Skincare Kit

Know someone who's always on top of the latest and greatest skincare? Our Turmeric Skincare Kit is a great one-stop-shop. Packaged in a super cute box perfect for gift-giving, our turmeric-based products will make her skin feel fresh, revitalized, and ready to withstand the cold, eggnog, and anxiety about sticking with her New Year's Resolutions. She'll also be happy to know that a portion of proceeds from your gift goes towards helping end child marriage around the globe.


Whoever is on your list this year, make sure to be prepared for when the Black Friday deals hit on November 24th. We can’t wait to announce ours! To be the first to know what awesome deal we're planning, make sure to sign up to our mailing list or follow us on Instagram.

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